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Debut Album Out Soon

  • freezerRoom LP - freezerRoom
  • Release Date: November 19th 2011

  • Cat No. 001
  • freezerRoom Recordings
  • Digital distribution by Tunecore

freezerRoom are a fascinating collaboration of musicians and producers encapsulating some of the finest contemporary talent on the Irish music scene.

With an EP on the prestigious Go Deep label already under their belt (which included remixes from internationally acclaimed house producers AtJazz and Fish Go Deep), the band have been diligently recording their follow-up over the last year and now have their debut album ready for CD and digital release. The album is available iTunes, Amazon and the usual online outlets, plus Plug'd Records in Cork and on

The band will be kicking off the album launch, with a live show in the Pavilion Cork on the release date (Sat Nov 19th).

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